Client Testimonials

“I trained with Jen Zuba  (Atlantic Location) undergoing her intensive 5 week training/nutrition program.  As a former D1 collegiate athlete, I have been under the direction of several professional person trainers in the past.  In all of my athletic experience, Jen has been the only professional with the knowledge, technique and understanding of fitness/nutrition to truly transform my body.  Jen took the time to understand me and my goals and developed a personalized program that was both effective and sustainable.    The results I was able to archive from working with her have impacted me well beyond just physical weight loss and have changed my outlook on long term nutrition. Jen has far exceeded my expectations of a personal trainer and I have, and will continue to, recommended her to family and friends.  She is a motivated professional who inspires anyone she works with to identify and overcome individual downfalls to achieve or exceed their personal fitness goals.”  -Allison Karpiak


“Jen’s programs for weight loss and strength building were the best things I have ever done for my health. I loss 25 pounds and recently completed the Wheelmen’s 100 mile bicycle ride, not bad for a 66 year old. Without Jen’s programs I would still be sitting on the couch watching the world go by instead of being a part of it. If you are ready for a life style change Jen Zuba is the trainer to get you started” – Brent Rogers

“Someone once told me the definition of insanity is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  That’s where I was until I met Jen Zuba (Atlantic Location).  I was going to the gym, lifting weights and getting frustrated not seeing any results. But, I kept going regardless.  I chalked up my lack of progress to being older and having a slower metabolism. As I did my usual routine I watched Jen work with several people and saw them smiling, having fun and actually getting results. I said to myself, with my travel schedule there is no way I could do what these people are doing and there is no way I can commit to a set time to have a personal trainer. I became completely frustrated and finally decided to do something.  I met with Jen and gave her every excuse in the book why I couldn’t work with her and why I look like an overweight middle aged man, she sensed my frustration and was empathetic but not sympathetic. There was no sales pitch or unrealistic promises – she stated facts and explained why I wasn’t seeing any results.  I decided to listen and try her method, and am now a loyal fan and believer.


Jen Zuba  (Atlantic Location) is one of those rare persons whom, upon your very first interaction, imparts a palpable aura of sincerity, determination, and competence and from there, it only gets better. She leaves no doubt that she cares about what she is doing and who she is doing it for, setting and exceeding the very high standards she sets for herself and her clients.  Jen’s understanding of nutrition and exercise became apparent in our first conversation.  She drove home the point you can’t out work bad nutrition.  The nutritional and exercise plan she outlined for me while I traveled on business during the personal training sessions was exactly what I needed.  She held me accountable and was flexible meeting with me at times that were worked for me, until the change she wanted to see was a habit and she felt I accomplished the lifestyle change she spoke about.  The inches came off fast and the best news yet after one year they are still off, I am eating healthy and feel I have something to fall back on when my business travel keeps me out of the gym. Despite Jen’s considerable experience she is always seeking new and better ways to help people. If you know Jen, this isn’t news, but if you don’t do yourself the favor of reaching out to her and I promise you’ll be glad you did, I know I am.” – Dennis Toomey



I have in the past and am currently training with Jenna George (Downtown Location).  I also participate in her current pump class and always made the ball/Pilates class when it was run.  I cannot say enough about how much I have benefited from having her as my trainer, teacher and friend at the gym.

After knee surgery, I started training with Jenna with the goal of bringing back the muscles that support my knees.   4 1/2 months post surgery, I skied for two days straight at Wildcat without out any discomfort during or after…..and I skied hard!  At 57 years old, I have never felt better or stronger than I do now.  The better I feel physically, the better I feel mentally.  I feel great!  I have Jenna to thank for that.  Her classes are taught from her trainer perspective and we all benefit greatly from that.  We talk through all our private sessions together and I feel sometimes like it is therapy for my mind as well as my body…at no extra cost!  Jenna is happy to share her considerable knowledge in ways I understand and can put into use in my daily life.  I really look forward to our time together.  Thanks Jenna!

~ Elizabeth McGovern

Jenna George (Downtown Location) is all about proper form, mixing it up to keep workouts challenging and interesting, and integrating balance and core strength work into each session. Booking appointments with Jenna keeps me honest to my weight-training routine. I look at it as an investment that will help me age a little more gracefully!

-Janet Prince


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