Adult Tennis Programming


Are you starting the game of tennis late in life? Perhaps you played when you were younger and now have decided to get back in to tennis, or you’ve always been an avid player and you’re looking for competitive clinics, drills, teams, and match play. We offer programs and lessons for all levels of play. Click Here for complete class descriptions.  Contact Anthony at today for more information on Adult tennis programs or click here for the click here current schedule.

Round Robin Match Play

Round Robin Schedule

Adult & Junior Summer 2017 Schedule



Junior Tennis Programs


We have programs for kids from 4 years old up to the serious tournament player. Regardless of whether your child is just starting out or looking to improve their competitive tournament skills, we have a junior tennis program that will meet their needs.  Click Here for complete class descriptions. Contact Anthony at today for more information on Junior tennis programs.

Junior & Adult Schedule Summer 2017




We are all familiar with the levels of youth baseball but did you know there are age and skill specific levels for tennis? There called Red, Orange and Green ball tennis. Just like youth baseball each level has specific court sizes and adaptive equipment for the younger athlete.  Check out our U-10 programming if you have not experienced Red, Orange or Green ball tennis you will be pleasantly surprised.  Contact Anthony at today for more information on U-10 tennis programs or click here for the current schedule.

Tennis U-10 Placement Guidelines

U-10 Info Sheet Summer 2017


USTA Team Tennis


At SSC we offer a number of USTA teams for beginners through advanced players both in mens and womens singles and doubles as well as a variety of mixed doubles tennis team options.  Teams start of 18 years of age and extend to division from 40 & up.  Contact Anthony at today for more information on USTA Team tennis programs and we’ll find a team that fits your level of play and age.


Internal Match Play/Round Robin


SSC offers some internal match play we call Round Robin match play.  We offer men’s, women’s doubles and mixed doubles match play.  Each session runs for 10 weeks, players sign up as an individual and we pair you up with a partner and an opponent weekly.  Level of play ranges from 3.0 to 4.0 based on the USTA rating system and guidelines. Contact Anthony at today for more information on Round Robin tennis programs or click the link for the current schedule. SSC RR Schedule 2015.2016 Fall


How to book a court on line…

Click on this link to book online.

If you do not already have an online account set-up please create one…  YOU MUST HAVE A GREAT BAY MEMBERSHIP IN ORDER TO CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT AND BOOK ONLINE.  If your home club is NOT Great Bay you will not be able to do this.

When creating your account you will need your LAST NAME & MEMBER # OR KEY TAG #.  You can get your member number from our desk staff or you can look on the back of your key tag for the key tag number.  PLEASE NOTE YOUR MEMBER # AND KEY TAG # ARE DIFFERENT so if you are choosing to use your key tag # make sure to check the key tag option when creating your account.

You will be asked to create a username and a password WRITE THESE DOWN as we cannot retrieve this information for you if you lose or forget it.

• Now that you have an account set up you can login.

• In the top left corner you will have (3) options 1. Dashboard which is an overview of your membership account 2. Bookings which will allow you to look at booking options & 3. Buy Package which will be used in the future for purchases but is not currently set up.

•  When you go to BOOKINGS you will click on the subcategory BOOK APPOINTMENT.

•  Choose the option to book COURT OR ROOM RESERVATION.

•  You will see the option to choose NO PREFERENCES or one of the four courts as the court you would like to play on.  I would suggest choosing NO PREFERENCES which will show you a variety of courts that are available to be booked.

•  Now you must choose the LENGTH of the court reservation in minutes 30, 60, 90…

•  The TIME of day you would like to search for open your court time. The system will only show courts that are available during our hours of operation.

•  THE DATE TO BEGIN THE SEARCH (example Jan 1, 2011) the date to END THE SEARCH (example April 9, 2013).

•  You then will need to check the DAY(s) of the WEEK that your booking request is searching.  For example if you’re searching for Sat Jan 1-Mon Jan 3 you will need to check off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in order to see what is available on those dates.   If you choose THIS WEEK or NEXT WEEK the system will look for bookings based on your search criteria for that particular week.

•  Then select the ADD TO CART button at the left of the court booking option you choose to book.  There will be a message at the bottom saying the court option has been ADDED TO YOUR CART.

•  Hit VIEW CART to finalize the booking and make payment by selecting CHECKOUT.

•  Enter you payment information, credit and debit cards only, and you’re all set.

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