Jay Eaton

Front Desk Manager/Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor 
“The Best And Safest Thing Is To Keep A Balance In Your Life, Acknowledge The Powers Around Us And In Us. If You Can Do That, And Live That Way, You Really A Wise Man/Woman” ~Euripides

With my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and over 15yrs of experience in personal training and living a healthy, fit, lifestyle I can help you achieve balance in your life. I’ve trained sport specific, weight loss, special needs, and general fitness clientele. Let me help you reach your personal fitness and nutritional goals

“Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do. It Comes From Overcoming The Things You Once Thought You Couldn’t” ~Rikki Rogers

Jennifer Zuba 
Living a healthy and fit lifestyle has such a huge return on investment! We are all driven by different motivators and challenges. As a personal trainer I strive to tap into what drives each person, and customize workouts to fit their needs and goals. I focus on functional total body movements that compliment a clients lifestyle to achieve and maintain overall health and wellness, fitness goals, physical appeal, and confidence! My personal fitness background includes national level fitness competition, 20 years of dance study, multiple half marathons, Reach the Beach Relays, and Tough Mudder races. I am NASM-CPT, IHP-Functional Training Specialist, and Plyo-Power® X-Factor Athlete. I am proud of being published in 5 Oxygen Fitness Magazine, Bump to Baby, and The Hampton Beach Guid

Ken Grade

Personal Trainer 

Everybody has the power to transform themselves and their lifestyles. I possess the skills and knowledge of fitness that can help you reach goals you never thought were possible. I am a certified personal trainer through World Instructor Training Schools and have been involved with health and fitness my entire life. Sports have played a major role as well. I was a three sport athlete in high school at St.Thomas Aquinas in Dover, NH (hockey,baseball, and soccer) and played collegiate soccer at St. Joseph’s College in Standish, ME. I consider myself to be a practioner of life balance philosophy: mind, body, and spirit. Let me be the stepping stone towards a better you..

Ryan Pelletier 
” I believe that lasting results come through hardworking and dedication, anything achieved the easy way probably wasn’t worth having in the first place.” Whether is fat/weight loss, muscle growth, or even sports specific goals I can help you. New to everything and need a hand getting started? My personality and knowledge will be your perfect match!
-W.I.T.T.S certified personal trainer
– Les mills BODYPUMP certified
– Art of Strength certified
-AED/CPR certified.

Dan Duquette

Personal Trainer 
To me fitness is so much more than just physical exercise. It’s a catalyst for positive change that affects every aspect of life and I will be there to support. motivate, and educate you throughout every step along the way. Whether you’re seeking to lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, increase strength, rehab an injury. or are a highly competitive athlete, I incorporate a multitude of training techniques to not only help each one of my clients achieve their goal but to utilize their time efficiently. Are you ready to get stronger, healthier and happier? Now is the time to change and I can help you.

Tim Tobey 
Tim has made it a purpose in life to help beginners, of all ages, in the fitness world. Knowing the physical and mental challenges of starting your fitness lifestyle, Tim will help you accomplish all of your goals. Also, with a decorative history of athletics including baseball, football, and basketball, he can help athletes improve at their sport. Tim is easy going with a great ability to motivate. It’s never too late to start training with Tim. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Ellis Fields 
I began exercising at age 15, I am very passionate about fitness and am excited to be certified as a personal trainer. My goal is to help you attain your goals. I consider it a privilege to work with you on your fitness objectives. Physical fitness has been an on going priority for me and has yielded many benefits. A sense of both physical and mental well being. I try to emphasize the positive aspects of life. My objective is to introduce you to the rewards of physical training and to instill in you the same passion for total fitness that has motivated me throughout the years.

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