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Why Salt Water? The primary factor for the popularity of Saltwater Pools is their limited use of chlorine. Unlike traditional pools, which require chlorine to be poured into the water manually or released from a tablet, a saltwater pool has a generator that uses electrolysis to release chlorine gas from salt in the water. Salt is added to the pool water to achieve a saturation of approximately 3,200 parts per million, roughly the amount of salt found in a teardrop. In contrast, ocean water has a salt concentration of 35,000 ppm.

  • “Since the solution is much like saline, you’ll hardly know there is salt in the pool. It’s nontoxic and eco-friendly,” says Jon Parker, owner of Seacoast Sports Clubs. “Our members will love the saltwater pool because it is less abrasive on the skin, eyes and swimwear.”

  • Ocean water has a salt content of around 35,000 parts per million (“ppm”). Humans have a salt taste threshold of around 3,500 ppm. Most chlorine generators require a salt content of 2500 – 6000 ppm in the pool. A unit that needs less than 3500 ppm to operate effectively is optimal.

  • Swimming in a mild saline solution is much like taking a shower in soft water. Generally, when people swim in a non-chlorine generator pool (a pool with no salt water in it) they feel like their skin dries quicker upon exiting the pool. They may feel and/or see white residue or chlorine flaking on the skin. In a salt-water pool (one with a chlorine generator) the water feels smooth, your skin feels smooth and many people feel more refreshed.

  • How’s It Work? Through the process of electrolysis, water passing over the chlorine generator cell produces chlorine that is instantaneously transformed into Hypochlorous acid. When any type of chlorine is added to water it ALL makes the SAME thing: Hypochlorous acid. It does not matter if it is Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine), Tri-chlor and Di-chlor or Lithium based, Cal-hypo or even gas chlorine–it all makes Hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is the active sanitizer; this is what kills algae and other harmful stuff in the water. The important distinction is that saltwater pools lack chloramines, referred to as Combined Chlorine. Chloramines are the irritants that give traditional pools the stigma of burning eyes and caustic smell.

  • Bottom Line: Chlorine generators can help fight against waterline scum build-up. They create a better, healthier swimming experience for most people. It isn’t necessary to handle or buy chlorine, and, if the unit is functioning correctly, chlorine residual will always be present in the pool, eliminating algae. This makes it nearly impossible to get burning red eyes from chloramines, which is usually the culprit.

Youth Swim Programs

Seacoast Sports Clubs is proud to offer Red Cross Swim Classes. We offer classes for all ages and abilities. Our experienced water safety instructors will help your children feel comfortable, safe and confident around the water. If you are unsure what level your child is click here  for a complete class level description. Check out our Winter Program below:

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Adult Swim Programs

Whether you are an adult looking to learn to swim for the first time ever, an avid swimmer looking to work on stroke refinement or looking to build endurance for triathlons, SSC has programs to help you reach your goals.

Lap Swimming

SSC always has lap lanes available. We value our lap swimmers and make sure you always have a place to swim. Click HERE for the lap lane schedule to help understand the flow of the pool so you can decide what time of day works best for you.


Come experience the gentle yet challenging form of exercise. Exercise your heart, lungs and muscles all while taking it easy on our joints. Classes are for all fitness levels and can be adapted to any age or ability. Once you try aquasize and see how great you feel after you will be excited to come back for more! There are new people in every class so don’t hesitate to jump right in.


Family Swim

At SSC, family time is important. Come spend some quality time with the family. Click the link in the “Lap Swimming” section for our Lap Lane Schedule for available times.